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Pre-Anesthetic Exam
Animal Information and Clinic "To Do" List

Animal Information Area: This area is at the top of the form, above "CLINIC TO DO LIST." Filling out all blanks is important so that we will know which pet this information is connected to, in case this page gets separated from the rest of the medical record. "Date," "Owner" and "Pet," are self explanatory. The date is important because the exam must be back dated to the day completed if the exam is entered into PetPoint software on a later date. Pet ID# is the PetPoint "Animal Number" generated by PetPoint software. The Pet ID# is optional, but is nice to have when the owner or pet have a name that is shared by many others or might be spelled differently than expected. Searching by the unique animal ID prevents the animal from inadvertently being entered into the system twice (or more). "Evaluator" and "Assistant" are the two people performing the exam.

Clinic "To Do" List. Surgery. It's important to designate the surgery type because this information is important for determining the surgery line-up for the day. The more complicated surgeries are done earlier in the day, to allow maximum time for recovery prior to going home. Pregnant dogs in their final trimester will receive IV fluid support during surgery, and pregnant cats will receive subcutaneous fluids. Geriatric dogs and cats will receive IV fluid support, and most dogs with heartworm disease will have IV catheters placed at the time of surgery. "In heat" females and male cryptorchids will have surgery as early in the day as possible.

Identification. Each animal is identified with a photo in their PetPoint record, an ID collar or placement of a microchip. If the animal's photo is not sufficient to uniquely identify the pet, then they need an ID collar as well. For example, black cats all look alike in photographs :). So do yellow labs and gray tabby cats.

Deworming. Check the record to make sure that either the animal is dewormed monthly by the owner, or we dewormed the pet on the pre-surgical vaccination visit. If a dog is presented for surgery that has not been dewormed in the past 30 days, we must do a fecal flotation prior to anesthesia. If large numbers of parasite eggs are found, we will in most cases scratch the surgery, dispense dewormer and reschedule surgery for a later date. The reason we do this is that dogs heavily infested with hookworms, roundworms and perhaps other intestinal parasites can become very ill with bloody diarrhea after an anesthetic procedure. As well, severe hookworm infestations can cause anemia which increases anesthetic risk. Cats can have their fecal flotation collected during surgery and medications dispensed as indicated. All medications dispensed to be sent home are listed at the bottom of the front page of the surgery form.

Colored Tag System. A "Blue Tag" directs special attention to a particular problem to be checked out during the exam by the surgeon. Example might be an irregular heart beat, dehydration, elevated temperature, etc. Special attention is given to abnormalities that might increase anesthetic and/or surgical risk. There are "flags" listed throughout the preA form which make the blue tag mandatory. Don't hesitate to add a blue tag for anything you think needs to be checked out by the surgeon. If your preA exam generates a blue tag, please take a blue tag form the container on the white shelf in the dog room and place it on the cage door when the pet is returned to its cage after the exam. The blue tag on the cage is a signal that pet is not to have surgery until the surgeon completes the PreA exam. If the surgeon OK's the pet for surgery, the "OK for surgery" will be circled in the "Vet Exam" area and the blue tag will be removed from the cage.

A "Red Tag" indicates that the surgery has been canceled and must be rescheduled. This decision is made by the surgeon at the time of preA exam and a red tag is placed on the cage door. The reason for cancellation is listed on the PreA exam form and the surgery is designated as "scratched" in PetPoint. The red tag on the cage is a signal to clinic staff that the pet in the cage will not be having surgery that day. The red tag should not be removed form the cage until the pet goes home.

A "Yellow Tag" indicates that the pet has or potentially has an infectious disease and their surgery will be done at the end of the day after all others have been completed. All animals who have not received vaccines prior to surgery get a yellow tag.

A "Green Tag" indicates that the pet is ready for surgery.

Requests. Record any client requests to be done at the time of surgery in the "Requests" area. For example, a client might request that nails be trimmed, ear be cleaned, anal glands be expressed, or a hernia be repaired.

Pet Tags. If tags are present on the pet's collar, numbers of rabies tags, licenses, microchip tags, name stags, etc., are recorded here for identification purposes. Recording tags also helps to reunites lost collars with pets. Make sure to record the rabies vaccine provider and date along with rabies tag number.

Done During PreA Exam. Vaccines and tests done during the pre-A exam are recorded here. Ideally, fecal flotations on dogs, heartworm tests and feline leukemia tests should be done prior to anesthesia. Of course, exceptions are made when the animal is so frightened that doing these tests prior to sedation would be traumatic to all involved :). Circling the test indicates that the test sample was collected. Results are recorded in the "Test Results" section immediately below as they become available. There is no need to copy test results from the PetPoint Animal View Report (AVR) to this area. This Test Result Area is for tests done on the day of surgery. If vaccines are given during the preA exam, place the vial stickers in this area.

To Do While Anesthetized. Vaccines and other tasks to be done during anesthesia are circled here. As the vaccines are given, each vial sticker is placed here. The microchip number bar code is placed her if a microchip is placed. Test samples are designated as taken on the Surgery Report Sheet as those tasks are completed. Test results are recorded in the "Test Results" area immediately below as they are available. If a feral cat is to have an ear tip, it is marked here. O'Malley PET reserves the right to ear tip any cat that is difficult for us to handle. All Free Client cats get a feline leukemia test and all Free Client dogs get a heartworm test. These tests are ideally done prior to anesthesia, but it might be necessary to take these samples under anesthesia if the patient is fractious. Low Cost Clients can decline feline leukemia or heartworm test if they wish. Free Client Pets get all boosters due at the time of surgery according to clinic vaccination policy. Low Cost Clients can decline boosters due at the time of surgery. All patients are marked as sterilized with a tattoo. Microchips are placed at client request and are paid for by the client if requested. Additional tests or procedures might be ordered by the clinic surgeon and will be listed here.

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