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December 8, 2012 was a really big day for O'Malley PET. There have been many milestones since the project began a number of years ago, but the day O'Malley PET moved the clinic equipment will forever remain near and dear to our hearts. In the slide show to the right, you can see:

  • Michele Sprague demonstrates her midget overhead door opening technique
  • Diana Hensley and Brenda Hayter clean up the back yard
  • A few more engraved bricks are placed in the walkway
  • Carolyn Fellers tries to make sense of the mess by organizing boxes
  • Judy Mahoney carries yet another box in the pack mule train
  • The guys provide some muscle to move the heated surgery tables in (Kent and Kevin Mahoney, Kirk Hensley and Jimmy Kendrick)

It's amazing what a bunch of women, and few good men and a U-Haul can get moved in a day or two.

Prior to the move, Director of Volunteers Michele Sprague and her highly dedicated but sometimes unruly crew worked at O'Malley House for weeks, getting it ready for move-in. The cleaning, painting and floor finishing continues, and we hope it will be finished and ready for clinic set-up in very early 2013. Below, Michele does away with the rose colored living room, replacing it with a warm, golden butter.

To the left (top), Diana Hensley, Carolyn Fellers and Betty Yuracko hatch the master plan in the kitchen. Bottom left, Wanda Jorgenson demonstrates one more time that it's the accessories that make the space.

O'Malley House was provided by Sprague Properties, our largest benefactor, and is a craftsman style house built in 1912. She sure is a beauty, and we look forward to calling her home.

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